--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer: This article is only for the latest version of Zenoti Reports.

As an inventory manager, sometimes you want to email a report, which you can view later, or share it with someone else. With the latest Zenoti Reports, you can email a report to the email address that you’ve added to your Zenoti profile.


Before you begin, ensure the following:

  • The logged-in user’s email address is valid.

  • The Email/Schedule Reports role permission is enabled for your profile.

  • The center has enough email credits.

  • The following email-related settings are enabled:
    - Admin> Organization > Organizations > Settings > Activate email
    - Employee > Employees > Employees > Profile > General > Receive Transactional Emails

To email a report

  1. Click the Reports icon.

2. Search and open the report.
The report opens in a new tab.

3. Click the email icon.

You can email the report instantly or schedule it for the future.

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