Disclaimer: This article is only for the latest version of Zenoti Reports. Do not compare the data in this version with the data in the previous version.

You can use the Register Closure report to reconcile actual collections against each register with the total expected collections received for the center on a day or during the given period.

Important: The amount collected through cash, card, check, and custom is the sum of collections from the previous closure to the current closure and not just the amount collected for the selected duration.


  • Collected $2500 on Jan 1st, of which $2000 was collected before the register closure and $500 was collected after the register closure.

  • Collected $1000 on Jan 2nd. When the register is closed on Jan 2nd, the collected amount becomes $1000 + $500 (of Jan 1st) as a collection in register closure includes all collections done after previous closure till current closure.

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