You may want to configure printer settings to print receipts as per your business requirement. You can manage a specific cash register, receipt printing properties, or ports.

To configure printer settings

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > View Devices and Printers.
The Devices and Printers page opens.

2. Right-click your printer and click Printer Properties.
The Printer Properties window opens.
Note: In the General tab, you should see settings selected by default under Features as shown in the following image.

3. In the General tab, click Preferences

4. To add a cash drawer, click the Peripherals tab, select the Peripherals drop-down list, and then select Cash Drawer.

5. To open the cash drawer after the receipt is printed, do the following:
a. Select End of Document tab.

b. Under Cash Drawer, select Open for Cash Drawer # 1 (2 Pins).
c. Click Apply.
If you want your cash drawer to open before the receipt is printed, select the Start of Document tab and follow steps a to c.

6. To save the changes, click OK.

You can use Epson TM-m30 to print your invoices.

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