You can find the open invoices from the past using the Sales report.

Note: Only employees with appropriate permissions can access the Sales report.

To find and close open invoices in the past, follow these steps:

1. At the center level, click the Admin icon

The Admin Dashboard page appears.

2. Navigate to Reports > Sales.

The Sales Report page appears.

3. From the Select a report list, select Invoices.

4. From the Invoice Status list, select Open.

5. From the Sale Date list, select a time period.

6. Click Refresh.

All open invoices for the selected time period appear.

Hint: If you don’t find invoices within the selected time period, try to expand the period of your selection.

8. To open an invoice, click the invoice number.

The invoice receipt opens.

9. To close an invoice, collect payment and click Close Invoice.

To close the register, follow these steps:

1. On Appointment Book, click an open slot.

2. From the context menu, select Manage Register.

3. To close the register, click Close Payments.

Note: The name of the Manage Register menu is customizable and may differ for your business.

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