Service intake forms are used to capture consultation notes, images, guest consent, waiver of liability, and maintain the service treatment record. Depending on the business, you can choose to have one form or multiple forms to capture all this information.

Let’s say a business has two forms for a Gold service.

One is used to capture consent, and the other is to record treatment notes.

If a guest wants to take this service, make sure that:

  1. The service provider schedules a consultation with the guest and explains service details.

  2. Before submitting the form, the service provider captures guest consent for the service in the consent form. This consent is usually valid for a certain duration for the same service.
    Note: Depending on the validity of the form, your guests may have to provide consent periodically.

  3. The service provider records the treatment notes in the treatment forms during or after every service. You can use this form provider can capture annotations, images, notes, or observations.
    Note: If the guest’s signature is required on this form, the service provider can use the lock icon to hide sensitive information (such as internal notes) and capture the guest’s signature.

  4. To complete a form, you can use the following options:

  • Save: This allows you to save the information which you have filled in. You can revisit the form and complete the details at a later point in time.

  • Submit and fill next: This appears only if you see multiple tabs in the forms. This allows you to fill the data in the forms and move to the next form.

  • Submit and Close: This allows you to submit the data and close the form.

View Forms

To review forms from your guest’s previous visits, tap the ellipsis (...) icon, tap Appointment History, and then select the forms.

To check if your guest has filled the Guest or Service Intake form, tap the

Forms Unified View tab from the Guest Details screen. This tab shows all the forms for the guest.

As a therapist or the front-desk staff, you can manage actions such as adding, viewing, or editing information in the service forms if you have the appropriate permissions.

To manage form

  1. Open the Guest Profile page for a guest.

  2. Tap the Activity tab.

  3. Under Services, locate the service and tap Service Data.
    The form opens.

  4. Perform necessary actions and do the following:

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