When a guest walks in for a service, you may have to perform different tasks apart from providing the service. Using Zenoti Mobile you can easily manage your tasks.

List of activities you can perform:

  • View and manage appointments

  • Check-in a guest

  • Add service add-ons and retail items during an appointment

  • Fill intake forms

  • Adjust the duration of an appointment

  • Rebook a service

At each stage of the appointment, there are notification reminders for:

  • Guest check-in

  • Start of service

  • End of service

  • Next provider to start service

  • Guest checkout

View and manage appointments

When you log in to Zenoti Mobile, you can view the appointments scheduled for you.

When you tap an appointment, you can view guest information, appointment details, and notes. You can start the service and attend to your guest’s needs.

Check-in a guest

When your guest walks in for a pre-booked appointment, you can check in a guest and change the appointment status.

If the front-desk staff has added check-in notes for the guest, it will appear when you check in the guest. These notes help you provide a personalized experience and make any recommendations to a guest.

To check in a guest, on the Appointment Details screen, tap Check in. A notification appears signaling that the guest has checked in for their service.

In the above example, when you tap Start Service, a notification alerts you that the service has started.

Add service add-ons and retail items during an appointment

If you are providing a service to a guest, during which they would like to either take an add-on service or purchase the product you are using for the service, you can add these to the appointment directly from Zenoti Mobile.

Note: To make a retail sale of items such as products, services, gift cards, prepaid cards, membership, or packages you must have appropriate permissions for your role.

To add service add-ons, tap +Add-on.

To sell retail items, in the Appointment Details screen, tap +Add more and then select the items. If there is a commission assigned for selling products, it will be assigned to you.

In the above example, when you tap Complete Service, a notification alerts the next provider to start their service.

Fill intake forms

When you tap to see the appointment details, you can verify if the guest has filled in the intake form or service form and make sure the form is filled before starting the service.

To see the list of guest intake and service intake forms for a guest, on the Guest Details screen, tap the Forms Unified View tab.

Adjust an appointment duration

During a service, you may want to reduce or increase the time duration to better accommodate other appointments.

For example, if you realize that you need less time to complete a hair-cut service, you may want to modify the duration to free up your calendar for other appointments.

To modify service duration, tap the ellipsis (...) icon for the service, tap Modify Appointment, and then adjust the time.

Rebook a service

A guest may want to rebook the same appointment for a later period of time.

To rebook, from the Appointment Details screen, tap Rebook, select the appointment date and time slot, and tap Confirm.

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