You can use Zenoti Mobile on iPhone or Android phones to view and manage daily activities, appointments, and payroll information. To login to Zenoti Mobile, enter the details and credentials you received from your manager.

Note: To restrict remote login, some businesses enable Geofence. This will not allow employees to login to Zenoti Mobile unless they are at the center.

Let’s explore the actions you can do in the tabs that appear when you log in to Zenoti Mobile:

  • Appointment: This tab appears by default and you can see the appointments scheduled for the day.

  • Guest: This tab lets you add new guests, search and view guest profiles.

  • POS: The Point of Sale tab allows you to search for invoices, collect payments, close and refund invoices

  • Dashboard: In this tab, you can see Reports and Payroll information. Reports allow you to track sales, tips, and performance. Payroll shows earnings for the selected time period.
    Note: You can see the Dashboard tab only if your business has enabled it.

  • Setting: In this tab, you can check-in and check-out, change the center, and view your schedule for the week.

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