In Zenoti Mobile you can use the List view or Calendar view to see scheduled appointments.

Appointment Screen

When you log in as the front-desk staff, you will find appointments for the providers on the Appointments tab. You can see color indicators for the provider type selected for an appointment.

If you have appropriate permission, you can also book a new appointment for a guest.

When you tap an appointment, the Appointment Details screen appears.

In this screen you can:

  1. Manage guest details

  2. Change the appointment status

  3. Check and ensure the guest form is filled

  4. Modify the appointment

  5. Start or end the service

  6. Add service add-ons

  7. Add appointment notes

  8. Add the appointment to a group

  9. Add retail items to the invoice

  10. Collect payment

You can also apply filters to view appointments with specific statuses or appointments scheduled for a provider.

To apply filters and find appointments

1. In Zenoti Mobile, on the Appointments tab, tap the filter icon that appears on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Hint: To view appointments for a specific day, select that date from the calendar.
The Filters window opens.

2. Select one of the following tabs:

  • Provider (default): To filter and view appointments by a specific provider, select a provider name.
    Hint: To reset the filter, tap Reset.

  • Status: To filter and view appointments by a specific status, select the required status. You can choose to select more than one specific status.
    Hint: To reset the filter, tap Reset.

3. Tap Apply.
Based on your selection, the results appear on the Appointment screen.

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