As a front-desk staff, you can perform actions such as manage appointments and guests, sell items, collect payments, view reports, and handle registers in Zenoti Mobile.

Let’s explore the tabs that appear when you log in to Zenoti Mobile to perform these tasks:

  • Appointment: This tab appears by default. On this screen, you can see the appointments scheduled for the day. This screen has two views - the List (default) view and the Calendar view. In this tab, you can book, view, and manage appointments.

  • Guest: In this tab, you can create a new guest profile, search for an existing guest profile, manage guest details, view purchase patterns, redeem memberships, packages, or loyalty points, review service or intake forms, and manage notes. You can use the information in the Guest tab to better understand your guest’s needs.

  • POS: In this tab, you can perform guest check out, search for invoices, collect payments, or sell retail items.

  • Dashboard: In this tab, you can see Reports and Payroll information. Reports allow you to track sales, tips, and performance for your business. Payroll shows earnings for the selected time period.

  • Settings: In this tab, you can check-in or check-out yourself, change your center, view your schedule for the week, and manage registers.

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