When you purchase the Verifone P400 Plus device, you will receive the following:

  • Power Adapter

  • A connector cable with 2 ports (ETH and RS232)

  • P400 Plus Device.

To use the device for daily transactions, you must connect it to the internet. In this article, you will learn how to connect the P400 Plus to the internet using an ethernet cable.

See the following image for a quick reference of the device and its package components:

To connect the device to the internet using an ethernet cable

  1. Attach the Connector Cable to the device.
    - Open the latch behind the P400 Plus device.
    - Attach the Connector Cable to the port on the P400 Plus device.

  2. Attach the Power Cord to the RS232 port on the Connector Cable. Plugin the adapter to the power supply.
    Note: Plugging into the power source turns on the device automatically. Plugging out from the power source will turn off the device.

3. Connect the ethernet cable to the ETH port on the connector cable. Follow
the instructions as per the images below:

4. The following screen appears after the device turns ON:

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