Important: This article is applicable only for users who have been accessing Zenoti University using the URL

For security reasons and convenience, all Zenoti customers will be required to access Zenoti University only from the Employee Dashboard.

If you have been accessing Zenoti University by using, you can continue to access your profile on the site until the end of August 2020. After this, we’ll be revoking your access to the site and you will be required to access your new profile on Zenoti University from the Dashboard in Zenoti.

Following are the answers to some of the questions that you may have:

  • After August 2020, will I lose access to Zenoti University?
    No, we already have created a new profile for you on Zenoti University. You can access your new profile from the Employee Dashboard.

  • What happens to my course progress and certificates that I earned on

    Course Progress
    Due to technical limitations, we cannot move the course progress of your profile on ( to your new profile.

    We recommend that you finish any incomplete courses on, and begin any new courses from your new profile (from your Employee Dashboard).


    Currently, when you complete a course on Zenoti University, you will receive a certificate in your email. We recommend that you keep the certificates safe.
    If you haven't received the certificate yet or cannot find it in your inbox.
    Print or Email the certificate again.

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