If you have the required permission, you can backdate a purchase order or transfer order in any of the statuses: Created, Raised, and Delivered, unless you have not as follows:

  1. At the center level, click the Inventory icon.

  2. Go to Procurement > Orders.
    The Manage Purchase Orders & Transfers page appears.

  3. Search for the order and click the Ref# to open the order.
    The order is opened for editing.

3. Click Update for Order Date.
Important: You may not see the Update option due to the editing restrictions (financial lock or edit lock).

4. Select the desired date in the past.

Important: If the financial lock or the edit lock is enabled for your business, you are allowed to backdate only till a certain date.

5. Click Save.
The Comments box appears.

6. Enter the comments and click OK.

The order is backdated.

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