In this article, learn how to troubleshoot login issues as an owner or administrator.

An employee may face login issues and when this happens, she sees the following screen:

If you are an Owner or an Administrator and an employee reports login issues:

Check if the employee profile is active

The employee profile is active if the End Date field is blank.

Note: If there is an End date in the staff profile that is in the past then, the profile is inactive and the staff will not be able to log in. So, either update the End date or ensure that this field is blank.

Check if the right role is assigned to the employee

The staff profile has the right role assigned with respect to your location (center). If the role assigned is incorrect then, add or remove the roles as required.

Check if the employee has duplicate profiles

The employee has duplicate profiles - possibly the name of the employee is spelt differently or perhaps, the mobile number of the therapist varies between two or more records. If this is the case, identify the accurate employee record and then delete the duplicate record.

Reset the password for the employee

You can also reset the password for the employee. The employee can log in with the new credentials and later change the password.

Check if the setting to force a password change every 3 months is ON

  • Check if the organization setting to change password every 3 months is on. Navigate to to Admin (organization level) > Organization > Organizations > Settings > expand the General section> Enforce password update every 3 months.

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