Important Notes

  • This report displays information on either individual employees or all employees. You can further filter the data to show employees of the current center, other centers, or all centers.

Follow these steps to run the report:

  1. In Zenoti, select the center for which you want to run the report.

  2. On the main menu, click the Reports tab.
    The Reports Dashboard page opens.

  3. In the Search for any report box, type Attendance Details, and then click the Attendance Details report.
    The report opens in a new tab.

  4. Select the relevant filter criteria based on: center, job type, all employees or a specific employee, and the required time period.
    Learn more about these filter criteria

  5. Click Refresh.
    The Employee Details Summary report is generated, with column details such as employee code, employee name, and status. You can use the Status column to find the leave history of a certain employee during the specified time period.

    The Status column displays the employee status such as Working, Not Scheduled, or Holiday based on the employee’s schedule.

    Important: Any Leave Type that you define from Organization level > Employee > Settings > Leave Types appears here as Status.
    For example, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Thanksgiving, and Jury Duty.
    Learn more about each column in this report

  6. Best Practice: To view the leave history (under the Status column) of a specific employee, we recommend that you export the report.
    To export the report, click the Export to Excel or Export to CSV icons. After you have exported the report to an Excel or CSV file, you can search for and filter the information as required.

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