A block out time is basically 'busy time' when a provider is unavailable - the provider may be away for a number of reasons such as lunch, training, or break. Front-desk staff uses Block Out Time Types to show providers' unavailability on the Appointment Book.

In many cases, block out times may recur or repeat. For example, a provider may usually take a lunch break from 12.30 pm to 1 pm or a snack break from 4 pm to 5 pm. Front-desk staff can mark such repetitive breaks or block out times easily.

To create a recurring block out time

  1. Click and drag your mouse across a time period against a provider on the Appointment Book.
    The Block Out Time window appears.

2. Select a Block Out Time Type such as Lunch.
3. Select Start time to specify when the Block Out Time should start.
4. Select the Duration for the Block Out Time. Zenoti automatically updates the End time based on the Duration you enter.
5. Enter Notes, if any.
The notes you enter appear in a small pop-up box when you hover your mouse on the block in the Appointment Book.
6. Select Repeat to repeat the Block Out Time.
Zenoti presents more options for you to set a schedule such that the Block Out Time repeats on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly basis. You can also specify when you want to start scheduling these repeated Block Out Time slots.

7. Click Save.
Zenoti saves the repeating block out time for the provider.

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