Zenoti Payments – Configuration

  1. Setup Zenoti Payments

Stripe Account – Setup

  1. Create a New Stripe Account
  2. Create a Stripe Express Account
  3. Stripe Express: FAQs
  4. Perform a Stripe Test Transaction
  5. Perform a Stripe Test Transaction on Zenoti Mobile (iOS)
  6. Perform a Stripe Test Transaction on Desktop POS using Mirror Mode and BBPOS
  7. Perform a Stripe Test Transaction on Desktop POS using Verifone P400
  8. Associate Multiple Centers to Your Existing Stripe Account
  9. Stripe: Two-Factor Authentication for Payments (Europe)

BBPOS – Setup

  1. Zenoti Payments and BBPOS
  2. BBPOS: Setup in Zenoti Payments
  3. BBPOS: Connect to Zenoti Mobile
  4. BBPOS: Collect Card Payments
  5. BBPOS: Check and Install Firmware Updates
  6. BBPOS: FAQ and Troubleshoot
  7. Zenoti Mobile (iOS): Use the Troubleshooting Wizard for BBPOS Connectivity Issues

Verifone P400 – Setup

  1. Verifone P400: Set up Card Reader to Process Payments
  2. Verifone P400: Power on and connect to the Internet
  3. Verifone P400: Add the Card Reader to Center-level Payments Settings
  4. Verifone P400: Collect Payments
  5. Troubleshoot P400: No Internet Connection
  6. Troubleshoot P400: Card Reader has no IP Address
  7. Verifone P400: Pending Firmware Updates
  8. Verifone P400: FAQ

Verifone E355 – Setup

  1. Set Up Verifone e355 to Process Payments
  2. Connect your Verifone e355 via DHCP
  3. Connect your Verifone e355 using a Static IP
  4. Connect Verifone e355 Card Reader via USB
  5. Download and Install the Verifone Windows Unified Driver
  6. Set Verifone e355 in USB Mode and Connect to a Windows PC
  7. Add Verifone e355 as a Terminal
  8. Unable to Process Payments using E355
  9. Set Up Your POSzle Pack

Pair Card Reader to Zenoti Mobile

  1. Pair your Card Reader to your iPad

Miura M010 – Setup

  1. Set up Miura Card Reader to Process Payments on Desktop POS
  2. Download PayServer Bundle and Install Pay Server Service
  3. Connect Miura Card Reader to a Windows PC
  4. Edit the Config File
  5. Miura M010 Card Reader: Troubleshooting on Windows PC
  6. Setup Miura M010 Card Reader for UK Region
  7. Connect Miura M010 Card Reader to your Desktop POS
  8. Connect Miura card reader via Bluetooth to Mobile POS (iOS)

Zenoti Payments (Stripe): Reconciliation

  1. Reconcile Your Payouts from Zenoti Payments for Your Center
  2. Download the Stripe and Zenoti Reports
  3. Zenoti Reconciliation Report

Dispute Handling – Overview

  1. Dispute Handling Overview
  2. Zenoti Payments – Disputes Report
  3. Zenoti Payments – Bank Deposits Report
  4. Dispute Types
  5. Dispute Type: Credit not Processed
  6. Dispute Type: Duplicate
  7. Dispute Type: Fraudulent
  8. Dispute Type: General
  9. Dispute Type: Product not Received
  10. Dispute Type: Product Unacceptable
  11. Dispute Type: Unrecognized
  12. Dispute Type: Subscription Canceled
  13. Dispute Handling: Submit Evidence
  14. Submit Evidence: Purchase Information
  15. Submit Evidence: Shipping Information
  16. Submit Evidence: Service Information
  17. Submit Evidence: Additional Information
  18. Dispute Handling: Accept Dispute
  19. Disputed Transaction Notifications: Configure Recipients

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Zenoti Payments: Hardware FAQs
  2. Unknown Error While Processing a Payment
  3. Initiating a Charge from the Stripe Dashboard
  4. Can I collect payments from Apple Pay?
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