After you procure a card reader for processing payments on Zenoti Payments, it is required for you to board the card reader. This allows the card reader to accept payments, and process the card transactions.

In this article, you will learn how you can board the following Verifone devices that are supported by Zenoti Payments:

  • Verifone P400 Plus

  • Verifone V400m

  • Verifone E285


The device's Wi-Fi should be configured and connected to the internet to proceed with the boarding.

To board the card reader

  1. Turn ON the device.
    The device will turn ON and will connect to the internet. After a successful internet connection, Board the Terminal option appears.

2. Tap Board the Terminal.
The address of the store with which the device is associated appears on
the screen.

3. Tap Confirm.

Note: If the corresponding store address does not appear on the device,

reach out to Zenoti Support.

The device reboots automatically multiple times and connects to Wi-Fi.

The boarding process is now complete.

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