There may be cases when you want to add a new center to an existing Zenoti Payment (with the same business details and bank account info) account.

In this article, you will learn how you can add a new center to your existing Zenoti Payments account.

To associate a new center

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Payments > Settings.

A list of payment processors available for your location appears.

2. For Zenoti Payments, click Setup.
The Setup Zenoti Payments screen appears and prompts you to enter your
email address.

3. Enter your existing Zenoti Payments email address.

4. Click Sign In.
Since you logged in with an existing Zenoti Payments account, you will see
a message that prompts if you want to continue with an existing account or
would like to create a new account.

5. Click Yes, Continue.

Zenoti will send you an email with a verification code to proceed further.

The Enter Verification Code screen appears.

6. Enter the verification code in the field and click Verify.
The Zenoti Payments terms and conditions agreement appears.

7. Click Accept Terms and Conditions.
The Business Details page appears and all the information except for
store details are auto-populated. You must enter your store details information.

8. Enter the following information:

- Statement Descriptor: Statement descriptors explain charges or payments
on bank statements. Using clear and accurate statement descriptors can
reduce chargebacks and disputes. Banks and card networks require
the inclusion of certain types of information that help customers understand
their statements, and statement descriptors provide this useful information.
Enter your business Statement Descriptor in this field.

- Store Mobile Number: Enter the phone number of your business.

- Store Address: Enter the address of your store or center. If you have
multiple stores or centers, you can enter your registered business address in
this field.

9. Click Continue to Configuration to proceed with setting up payment
options, transaction types, and terminals. If you wish to configure these
settings later, click Finish Setup. Click View UBO to view personal
details (UBO). Click Save and Resume Later to continue with the
configuration later.

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