In the wellness industry, providers have the best opportunity to interact with guests. Businesses often use this opportunity to deliver customized guest experiences. For example, assume a provider has handy information about a guest before a scheduled appointment such as the past and future services and say, the retail products the guest purchased. This information can act as a cue for interaction between the provider and the guest.

When the guest comes in for her appointment, the provider can enquire about the past services, how the guest felt after a service, and similarly, ask about how the guest liked a particular retail product. For the guest, this interaction translates to a highly customized guest experience, while providers can use these conversations to upsell and make recommendations on services and products based on their interaction and their own experience.

Before You Begin

An administrator should have selected the relevant settings under Custom Job Card Details at the center level to print the following information on job cards - Guest’s visit details, Guest’s future appointments, Appointment notes, and Guest notes. (Admin > Organizations > Centers > [Name of the Center] > Settings > Appointment Book > Custom Job Card Details)

To upsell services and retail using handy information on job card

  1. Click the appropriate appointment block to view the context menu.

2. Select Print Job Card.
Notice that the job card lists details of the guest’s service and retail purchase history. This helps the provider upsell other services and retail products during interactions with the guest.

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