A job card is a printout of a guest’s services - it moves with guests as they move through their services and service providers. As an administrator or business owner, you can configure the job card to serve as a handy reference card with information about a guest’s service and retail purchase history.

The job card then becomes a starting point for conversations between a provider and the guest - the provider can then use information from the job card to upsell services and products based on their interaction and their own experience.


To configure a job card to show guest service and retail history

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization> Centers.

  2. Click the Settings tab and expand Appointment Book.

  3. Select one or more relevant settings under Custom Job Card Details:
    a) Guest’s visit details: Select this option if you want to print guest’s visit details on job cards. Details include guest’s first visit date, last visit date, and total visits. In addition, guest’s service and product history for last three visits will also be printed on the job card.
    b) Guest’s future appointments: Select this option if you want to print details of services booked by the guest on their next three visits on job cards.
    Note: The details for guest history and future appointments are based on the org setting Search for guests across centers (Organization/Zone). If your setting is set to across organizations, the dates you see hold good for visit details across organizations. If your setting is set to across zone, the dates you see hold good for visit details across zones. If this setting is off (not selected) the dates you see are limited to visits at the current center only.
    c) Appointment notes: Select this option if you want to print the appointment notes of the current appointment.
    d) Guest notes: Print guest notes on job cards. You can select to include the guest's private notes and notes related to the guest profile, appointment booking, check-in, and payment.

4. Click Save.
When the front-desk staff prints a job card, guest details appear on it based on the settings you enabled.

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