After you configure payment options and select transaction types, you must add terminals to Zenoti Payments. This allows Zenoti to connect with the card reader and then process card payments.

Zenoti Payments supports the following card readers:

  • Verifone P400 Plus

  • Verifone V400m

  • Verifone E285

All of the card readers support swipe, chip and pin, and tap-based cards for easy payment collection.

To add the terminals

  1. Configure the following options:

  • Device Model: Choose between the following options:
    - Verifone P400 plus
    - Verifone V400m
    - Verifone E285

  • Terminal Name: Enter a name for your terminal.
    Note: You may have multiple terminals in your center. It is recommended that you name your terminals properly for easy identification and payment collection.

  • Serial No: Enter the serial number of the terminal. The serial number will be on a label behind the terminal and will be denoted by S/N.

2. Click Add to add the desired terminal.
Click Next.
The Summary page appears which indicates you successfully completed
the setup.

You now have successfully completed the setup of Zenoti Payments.

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