After you enter your business and personal details, you must enter your payout bank details.

Enter the following information in this section:

  1. Currency: Enter the currency of your business region.

  2. Country Code: Select your country from the drop-down list.

  3. Account Type: Select the type of account you use for your business.

  4. ABA Routing Number: Enter the routing number of your account.
    Note: Routing number is unique to the US & Canada. Check the list below for requirements in other countries:
    United Kingdom - Sort Code
    Australia - ABA or Fedwire Number

  5. Account Number: Enter your bank account number.
    Note: Zenoti recommends you to use a company bank account instead of a personal account.

  6. Confirm Account Number: Re-enter the bank account number to confirm.
    Note: The number you enter here is matched dynamically with the Account Number field. Zenoti will display "Account numbers doesn't match", if the same number is not entered.

  7. Proof of Account: Upload any one of the following bank documents:
    - Bank Statement
    - Voided Check
    Note: Non-Void check must be signed/stamped.
    - Online Banking Screenshot
    Note: The bank logo, account number, and routing number should be clearly visible in all the documents. The name on the bank proof should match with the Account Owner Name (field #8). If the bank account is on the name of the company/business, the Account Owner Name (field#8) will be the name of the business.

  8. Account Owner Name: Enter the name of your owner or manager. If the bank account is on the name of the company/business, enter the name of the company.

  9. Account Owner Address: Enter the personal address details

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