After you enter your business details and submit those details, you must enter your personal details and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) details.

Important: You must provide the details of all the individuals who own more than 25% of your company. If no one owns more than 25%, provide the identity of the individual who is the signing authority for your business.

Enter the following information in this section:

  1. First Name: Enter the first name of the individual with more than 25% share, or with signing authority.
  2. Last Name: Enter your last name of the individual with more than 25% share, or with signing authority.
  3. Gender: Select the gender.
  4. Nationality: Enter your nationality.
  5. Date of Birth: Select your date of birth.
  6. Last 4 Digits of the SSN: Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).
    Note: SSN is only applicable for the US. Check the list below for other supported countries:
    Canada - SIN (Social Insurance Number)
    Australia - TFN (Tax File Number)
    United Kingdom - NIN (National Insurance Number)
  7. Mobile Number: Enter your mobile number details.
  8. Email Address: Enter your email address (personal).
  9. Job Title: Enter your job title details.
  10. Address: Enter your personal address details.
  11. ID Proof: You must upload any one of the following documents:
    - Passport: Upload a picture of your valid passport.
    - ID Card: Upload a picture of your government issues Id card. (Front and back)
    - Driving License: Upload a copy of your driving license. (Front and back)
    Note: The picture uploads should meet the following requirements:
    - Valid Documents (not expired passport, or driving license)
    - Must be in color, cropped to fit, and straightened.
    - For passports, the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) should be clearly visible.
    - Accepted Formats: JPG, JPEG, PDF, and PNG.
    - Maximum File Size 4 MB.

Refer to the document upload guidelines below:

Click Save to save your details. You can also add additional UBO details if needed.

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