Zenoti Payments requires you to enter your business details such as business name, business address, and contact information.

This allows Zenoti to know more about your business and keep you posted on important updates.

Enter the following information in this section:

  • Legal Business Name: Enter the registered name of your business.
  • Mobile Number: Enter the business mobile number.
  • Business Website: Enter the URL of your business website (if any).
  • Company Number/Employer Identification Number: Enter your company registration number or the Employer Identification Number of your business.
    Note: This number differs from country to country. Check the image below for business registration number requirements across the supported countries:

Note: The name of your business in the field Legal Business Name and
the name of your business in the above business registration documents
should match. Otherwise, your account will fail the verification.

  • Business Address: Enter the registered address of your business.

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