Zenoti Payments is an integrated payment processing system that allows you to have an omnichannel presence.

The system supports a variety of payment types including card swipes, dip transactions, and contactless payments from Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay (only in-store), and credit cards stored on file.
Note: Certain card types such as EFTPOS (Australia) and Maestro do not support saving card details. If Store Card option in Zenoti Web and Save Card for Future Use option in Zenoti Mobile is enabled and if the card type is either of EFTPOS or Maestro, Zenoti will display an error message stating "<card brand name> cannot be used for future use". You can still use these cards for accepting payments.


You must have the required role permissions to configure payment settings for your organization or center.

  • Owner: By default, the owner can configure the payment settings at the organization and center-level.

  • Center Manager or Others: The owner must provide relevant role permissions to the manager or any other specific user to configure center level payment processors.

  • Navigate to organization-level, Admin > Organization > Security Roles > <desired job level> > Permissions > Administrator > Payments and select the Configure Payment Settings and Manage Payment Settings checkboxes.
    Note: Configure Payment Settings allows you to add new payment processors to your business or a center. Whereas, Manage Payment Settings allows you to manage certain payment settings such as enabling online and in-store transactions, adding new terminals, and enabling guest signature on checkout.

  • A unique email address and a unique payout bank account are required to set up a Zenoti Payments account.

  • Franchise owners can use a single Zenoti Payments account for all of their centers or can choose to use multiple Zenoti Payments accounts for multiple centers (that is a single Zenoti Payments account for each center).
    Note: In such cases, businesses should provide a unique email address and a unique bank account info for each Zenoti Payments account. Verification will be done individually for all the accounts.

    Refer to the image below:

  • If your business has a presence in multiple countries, you are required to use a separate Zenoti Payments account for each country. For example, if you are doing business in the US and Canada, use one Zenoti Payments account for the US and use another Zenoti Payments account for Canada.
    Note: Documents should be uploaded for every new account. Verification will also be done for every new account that is created.

  • If you want to associate new centers to your existing Zenoti Payments account, check the following article:
    - Associate a New Center to an Existing Zenoti Payments Account.

  • You must submit details and upload documents pertaining to your company, personal (yourself), and your bank. The documents required vary as per the country of your business.

Verification Process

After you submit your documents and complete the configuration of Zenoti Payments, your account is sent for KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. This verification process constitutes the following:

  • Automatic Verification - Takes up to two business days

  • Manual Verification - Takes up to seven or more business days.

Important: By default, a new account is sent for automatic verification. Here the system matches the business name in the Tax Identification Number (or any other submitted Id) and the business name entered in Zenoti. In case of any mismatch, the verification fails and you have three attempts to upload appropriate documents and pass the verification.

In cases where an account fails verification even after three attempts, the account is sent for manual verification.

During verification, the status of your account will be as per the following image:

Note: You can process payments in Zenoti, while your account is under KYC verification or in KYC fail state. However, you will not receive Payouts. In addition, if the account is in KYC fail state for more than 30 days, the transaction amount will be refunded back to the guests. Hence, it is important to ensure the KYC passes for your account within 1 week.

If in case you do not pass the verification, Zenoti Payments will send you a mail stating the reason and the next steps.

The status of your account will be as per the following image:

Click View Details to view the reason for the failure of verification.

Once your account clears the verification, the status of your account will be as per the following image:

Important: For businesses to receive Payouts from Zenoti, it is required to clear the KYC verification process successfully and the account must be active. Failure to do so, will result in automatic refunds of guest's transactions after 30 days.

Zenoti’s Recommendation

After you set up the account in Zenoti and board the card readers, Zenoti recommends you to perform a test transaction to validate the amount credit to the bank account in T+2 days. This will confirm that your account is successfully verified and you are ready to accept payments.

Common Scenarios for Verification Failure

The following are the most common scenarios where a verification fails:

  • Business name in Company Details page and business name in Tax Identification Number (or other submitted id) does not match.

  • The uploaded ID document does not meet the required quality criteria.
    - Valid Documents (not expired passport, or driving license)
    - Must be in color, cropped to fit, and straightened.
    - For passports, the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) should be clearly visible.
    - Accepted Formats: JPG, JPEG, PDF, and PNG.
    - Maximum File Size 4 MB.

  • Bank account details do not match the uploaded bank document.

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