The Membership Liability report helps you keep track of the liability balance (by value, price, and service credits) after the sale and redemption of memberships across your centers.

Follow these steps to generate the report:

  1. Ensure that you have selected the center for which you want to run the report.
    Note: If you have a role in any other centers, you will be able to view these other centers too.

  2. On the main menu, click the Reports tab.
    The Reports Dashboard page appears.

  3. In the Search for any report box, type Liability – Memberships.
    The report opens in a new tab.

  4. Select the required filter depending on how you want to view the memberships: By Value, By Price, or By Service Credit. Learn more about the filter criteria

  5. Select the time period over which you want to view the membership liabilities at your center. For example, 6 months.

  6. Click Refresh.
    The Liability – Memberships report is generated. Learn more about this report

  7. To export the report, click the Export to Excel or Export to CSV icons.

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