Tracking user behavior helps businesses analyze guest's booking patterns. It also gives insights on how your guests book a service, which service is booked frequently, and which add-ons are most preferred.

Zenoti allows you to use Facebook Pixel to track user behavior.

Facebook Pixel triggers whenever a guest takes any action on your Webstore.

For example, when a guest purchases a product or books an appointment, Facebook Pixel receives these actions or events, which you can review from its Event Manager page.

This allows you to measure your guest’s purchasing patterns and booking behavior, thus allowing you to optimize your services for better bookings.

The following are the advantages of Facebook Pixel:

  1. Behavior Tracking: Track the activity of your guest on the Webstore. This tracking provides vital information and statistics that will help in effective sales conversion and retargeting.

  2. Data to Optimize Services: Facebook Pixel collects data that tells you how many times a service was viewed on your Webstore and how many times it was actually booked. With this simple piece of information, you will know which of the services have a high booking rate and which services have a low booking rate.

  3. Gift Card Tracking: Facebook Pixel allows you to not only track the number of sales of the gift cards but also check the centers that sell a high number of gift cards. Also, you can view the most used gift card occasions and their corresponding templates. This information is critical for replicating higher sales of gift cards in multiple centers.

  4. Create Facebook Ads: If you are planning to use Facebook Ads to boost your bookings, the data collected by Facebook Pixel will allow you to target your existing guests to drive conversions, retarget your guests, drive sales for a newly introduced service, and build targeted audiences.

Facebook Pixel by default tracks the following events:

  • Service Booking

  • Gift Card Purchase

  • Membership Purchase

  • Series Package Purchase

Check the following articles to install Facebook Pixel and to track your Webstore events:

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