Disclaimer: The steps in this article pertain to the configuration on a third party (Facebook) site. Zenoti is not responsible for any changes to these steps or processes. This information is provided for your convenience.

Facebook Events Manager shows the results of ad events or offline events such as booking conversions, audience targeting, retargeting, and user behavior.

To view the results in the Facebook Event Manager, you must first create a Pixel.

To create a Facebook Pixel

  1. Navigate to https://www.facebook.com/events_manager

  2. Log in using your Facebook credentials.

  3. Ensure you select the option Data Sources.

4. In the Facebook Pixel section, click Get Started.

The Connect Website pop-up window appears.

5. Enter the following information:

a. Pixel Name: Enter a name for your Facebook Pixel. For example, Spa Bliss.

b. Website URL: Enter the URL of your Webstore. For
example www.spabliss.zenoti.com.

The Pixel is created and the homepage of the new pixel opens.

Note: You may see a pop-up, “Choose how you want to install the pixel
code” appear. You must close the pop-up window.

6. From the pixel homepage, copy the Pixel ID.

You have successfully created a Facebook Pixel for user behavior tracking. You

must paste this ID in the Facebook Pixel field of the Webstore V2 settings page to track user behavior.

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