Follow these steps to define various reservation settings for a room at your center:

  1. In Zenoti, from the main menu, click the Admin icon.

  2. On the left pane, expand Resources, and then click Rooms.
    The Manage Rooms page with a list of configured rooms appears.

  3. Search for and click the required room.
    The details page of the selected room appears.

  4. Click the Reservations tab.

  5. Configure the following reservation settings for the room:

  • Select the Days of the Week: Specify the days of the week on which you want the reservation rule to apply. Learn more

  • Start Time: Specify the start time - the rule will be active from this time, on the days you specify. Learn more

  • End Time: Specify the end time - the reservation rule will not apply after this time, on the days you specify. Learn more

  • Reservation Options: Select the required options to remove the reservations placed on the room so that the room becomes free for other bookings. Learn more

  • User Type: Select what types of users can use this room. Learn more

6. Click Add Rule.
The rule appears in the bottom panel of the same page as a summary.
You can add multiple rules if required.

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