When there is a temporary business disruption where trainers and guests cannot make it to a particular appointment in person, virtual appointments become handy, meaningful, time-saving, and safe.

During such times, businesses and guests may prefer to have virtual consultations for services such as weight-loss, personal fitness, or beauty services.

Since virtual appointments are ‘safe’ as these are in line with social distancing norms to avoid any form of physical contact, Zenoti has introduced the ability to book such virtual appointments from Zenoti Mobile (iOS and Android).

When you book the virtual sessions, your guests can use the virtual appointment link to attend and receive services or consultations.

Before you Begin

You need to make sure the following actions are done:

  • Reach out to Zenoti Support to enable virtual appointments for your business: Also specify whether you want to use virtual appointments such that virtual links are manually assigned or automatically assigned.

  • Create a template that allows you to add the virtual appointment link and add the macros [EmailVirtualAppointmentLink] and [SMSVirtualAppointmentLink] that allows you to send the virtual appointment link to a guest’s email or phone via SMS. To know more, read: Enable Virtual Appointments

  • For an employee role select Can access all data outside geofence region on Zenoti Mobile permission (Admin > Organization > Security Roles > select a role > General tab) when you enable Geofence for your business.

To book a virtual appointment

1. Access Appointments from Zenoti Mobile.

The appointment page appears.

2. To start booking an appointment, tap the + sign.

Important: The + sign appears only if you have the required permissions.

The Search a Customer screen appears.

3. Use the search bar to search and select your guest.

Hint: You can also add a new guest while booking the appointment.

4. Tap Add Service.

5. Select the service, provider, day, and time when you want the book the


The service is added to the appointment and the option to book a virtual

appointment appears.

6. Tap Virtual Appointment.

Add the virtual appointment link and the options to send the virtual appointment appear.

Note: If you do not have a link to the virtual session, you can still create a virtual appointment. You can tap the edit option near Virtual Appointment Details that appears in the Appointment Details screen and add the virtual link at a later point of time.

7. Do one of the following:

- To email the link, tap the Email Details tab.

- To send the link via SMS, tap the Text Details tab.

8. Tap Save.

The virtual appointment is booked for the guest and the link is shared with your

9. (Optional) As a front-desk staff you can tap Send Reminder to send an
appointment reminder to your guest.

Note: Send Reminder appears only if the following is enabled:

  • For an employee role Can access all data outside geofence region on Zenoti Mobile permission (Admin > Organization > Security Roles > select a role > General tab).

The virtual appointments appear in the Appointment screen when using List or Calendar view including the employees with view-only access.

Note: Zenoti charges a fee if your business chooses to use automated links for virtual classes.

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