There are a variety of reasons businesses and guests may prefer to have virtual consultations such as weight loss consultations, personal fitness sessions, or to gather tips from experts to mix hair color.

In case of temporary business disruptions too, where trainers and guests cannot make it to a particular appointment in person, virtual appointments become handy, meaningful, time-saving, and safe. Note that, such appointments are ‘safe’ as these are in line with social distancing norms; these services are also contactless - the provider and the guest do not come in physical contact.

Before You Begin

  • Reach out to Zenoti Support to enable virtual appointments for your business: Also specify whether you want to use virtual appointments such that virtual links are manually assigned or automatically assigned.

  • Include meeting details using accurate macros in email and text notifications: You can ensure smooth communication with guests using the regular notifications such as the Appointment Confirmation notification, Appointment Reminder notification, and Appointment Rescheduled notifications. The email and text notification templates for these notifications have macros specific to virtual appointments namely, [EmailVirtualAppointmentLink], [SMSVirtualAppointmentLink]. Ensure you use these macros to your advantage.

  • Ensure your regular email and text notifications are switched on at the organization level: You can ensure smooth communication between your business and guests by ensuring that the appropriate emails and text notifications such as Appointment Confirmation, Appointment Reminder, and Appointment Rescheduled notifications are switched on at the organization level.

  • Ensure you have enough SMS/Email credits for the centers where you plan to use virtual appointments: For the smooth running of the business, we recommend you have enough SMS/Email credits. To purchase email/text credits, go to Purchase SMS and email credits.

Manually Send Out Reminders

The front-desk staff has an option to manually send out reminders for virtual appointments when guests make last-minute bookings. Guests may also reschedule their virtual appointments. In all such cases, the regular notifications (appointment confirmation and appointment reminder) may not trigger - meaning guests would not have received the details of the virtual appointment.

The front-desk staff can quickly use the context menu (from the appointment block) to send out reminders to guests.

Important Notes

You must ensure the following settings are in place for these reminders to go out as expected.

  • Zenoti considers the appointment reminder template at the organization level to send out reminders. Ensure the template is switched on for the reminder to trigger from this context menu.

  • Ensure the Send transactional message checkbox from Guest Profile is selected so that such messages are sent appropriately.

Note: Zenoti charges a fee if your business chooses to use automated links for virtual classes.

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