In some of the cases, the Verifone P400 Plus is already connected to an existing WiFi network and you may be required to connect the device to another network.
In this article, you will learn how you can add a second network on the P400 Plus and also change the connection from one network to another.

To add a new network

  1. After the device boots up, press the number 9 key and the Green button.
    The device will prompt you to enter the Admin Menu PIN code.

  2. Enter the Admin Menu PIN (4060) and press the Green button.
    The Admin Menu appears.

3. Tap Network.
The Network settings appear.
4. Tap WiFI.
The WiFi settings appear.

Note: A WiFi connection is already active. To connect to a different network, follow the steps below.

5. Tap Add Network.
The device will scan for available networks and will list all of the networks.

6. Select a network.
The device will prompt you to enter the password for the network (if any).

7. Enter the password of the network.
You can use the on-screen keyboard to enter the password.
8. Press the Green button after you enter the password.
The device will add the new network and will connect to it.

Note: You will see that there are two networks listed in the WiFi screen. For example, if you are now connected to Network 2 and want to connect back to the Network 1, follow the steps below:

a. Tap on Network 1.
The Network 1 screen opens.
b. Enable the slider beside the name of the Network 1.

The device will now switch from Network 2 to Network 1.

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