When you purchase the Verifone V400m device, you must configure the device to connect to your WiFi network.In this article, you will learn how you can enable the WiFi and connect to your network.

Watch this video to learn how to connect Verifone V400m to your WiFi network.

Refer to the following image for a quick reference of the Verifone V400m device:

To connect the Verifone V400m to your WiFi network

  1. To power ON the device, connect the power adapter to the device on the left side and hold the Enter Button

  2. The device boots up and the following screens appear:

After the bootup, Configure Network button appears on the screen.
3. Tap on the Configure Network button.

4. Tap on Wi-Fi.
The Wi-Fi settings screen opens.

5. Switch ON the Wi-Fi by tapping on the toggle.

6. Tap Add Network.

The device will scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks.

7. Select the network you want to connect to.
The device will prompt you to enter the WiFi password. You can use the
Touch screen Alphanumeric Display or the Keypad to enter the password.
8. Type the password and press Enter. (Indicated by the Green Circle).
The device is now connected to your WiFi network.
9. Press the Cancel ( red X button) twice to return to the home screen.

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