AVS or Address Verification System prevents fraudulent transactions by prompting the guest to enter the billing address when saving a card in Zenoti. The given address is verified with the records of the bank or the card vendor. 

In a case where the address is incorrect, the payment is declined by the bank.

You must enable AVS from the configuration page of your payment processor. 

Why it is recommended?

As mentioned above, AVS prompts guests to enter their physical address and matches the entered address with the bank records. As per the address entered, AVS sends response codes that tell you how accurate the address details were.  If the address was not accurate, the bank directly rejects the transaction. This is an indication of fraud.
Having such security measures helps in gaining customer trust and goodwill. 

To enable AVS check

  1. If you are configuring the payment processor at the organization level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings.
    If you are configuring the payment processor at the center level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings.
    The Payment Settings page opens.

  2. For Zenoti Payments, click the dropdown arrow.
    The processor settings page opens.

  3. Select the Enable AVS checkbox.
  4. Scroll down and click Save.
      The AVS check for your payment processor is now enabled and every time
      a guest saves a card, the AVS check prompts for the user to enter their
      billing address and validate the same. The guests can also update their
billing address from the guest profile. Navigate to the guest profile
General > Payment Accounts > Billing Address > Update option.

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