When you submit a payment that is refused, Zenoti Payments instantly checks with Visa and Mastercard for updated card details. If there's an update, Zenoti Payments will immediately retry the payment with the updated card details. All of this happens as the payment is being processed, and appears as a single transaction.

What is a card auto-update?

Zenoti Payments instantly checks with the card issuer for updated card details in case of a payment failure. If the payment fails due to a change in the card details, such details will be updated automatically in real-time and the payment is processed again with updated details. 

This ensures the payment is processed without any interruption and future scheduled payments (such as membership recurring payments) continue without any manual intervention of the front desk.

Zenoti Payments auto-update is available only for the following regions:

  • Mastercard - ¬†Globally

  • Visa - Only in USA and Canada

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