Zenoti Payments supports auto update of cards. This means that if a card is expired and a new card is issued by the issuer bank to the card owner, these details will be updated in Zenoti as well.

This ensures the payment is processed without any interruption and future scheduled payments (such as membership recurring payments) continue without any manual intervention of the front desk.


  • Zenoti is unable to update the card details if the issuer bank does not update the processor with the updated details

  • The auto update does not work for Debit cards and only works for Credit cards

How does this work?

When you submit a payment and if the payment is refused by the processor, Zenoti instantly checks with Issuer bank for updated card details. If there's an update, Zenoti will retry the payment with the updated card details. All of this happens as the payment is being processed. This process also ensures that the guest sees only a single transaction instead of multiple transactions.

The auto update of the card works if the following conditions are met:

  • The attempted transaction amount must be of a non-zero value.

  • The transaction is either a recurring charge or a charge that was initiated for a service or pre-booking.

  • The card does not require a CVC to complete the transaction.


  • Amex: Auto update is not supported for American Express cards.

  • VISA: Auto update is supported for VISA cards that are only issued in USA and Canada.

  • Mastercard: Auto update works for all cards (global), irrespective of the place of issuance.

  • Zenoti Payments: The auto update works only when a payment is initiated.

Auto update for other payment processors

When the card holder receives a new card, Zenoti receives these details from the processor and updates this information in the user profile immediately.

The auto update works on all types of cards in the US region(only).

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