You can create a target segment for all guests (of any gender) as follows:

  1. At the organization or center level, click the Marketing icon and navigate to Segmentation > Target Segments.
    The Manage Target Segments page appears.

​2. Click Add.
The Create a New Segment page appears.

3. Select Create Custom Segment and click Create.
The Create a Custom Segment page appears.
4. Enter the segment name and give a brief description about the segment.​​

5. Click Create.
The target segment is created without any rules.

6. From the Select Category drop-down, select Demographic.
7. From the Select Criteria drop-down, select Gender.
8. From the Select Operator drop-down, select All.

​7. Click Add Rule.
The rule is added.
8. (Optional) Click Guest Count to get the number active members.

Note: At times, Zenoti might take time to load the guest count based on the rules. In this case, you might a message. Click Ok and try again.
9. Click Save.
The target segment is saved along with the rule for all guests.

Important: To send a campaign with the target segment, you must go ahead and create a campaign.

Export Guest Details

To export the guests list and their details such as email addresses and phone numbers, you can export the target segment to Excel or CSV format.

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