A dispute or a chargeback occurs when a cardholder raises a complaint with their bank or credit card company about a payment made to you.

Disputes are handled by your guest's bank and you must submit evidence to prove that the payment was valid.

Important: You can only submit your evidence once for a disputed transaction. So, it is important that you upload a valid and appropriate document.

To submit evidence for the disputed transaction

  1. Open the Zenoti Payments - Disputes report.

  2. Locate the disputed transaction and click Submit Evidence

    3. The Submit Evidence pop-up window appears.

    4. Click Next to upload the evidence.

    The product information, customer name, and customer email are auto-populated.
5. Click Choose a File to Upload button and select the desired file.
     Note: Hover on the Document Format Requirements text to view the file
     format requirements for your evidence. 

  6. Click Submit Evidence Now.
       Note: If you have multiple pieces of evidence to submit, ensure that all of
       those are submitted in a single document. This is because Zenoti Payments
       will accept only one document as evidence. But the document can
       contain multiple invoices or receipts.
       Zenoti will display a warning message. 

   7. Click OK to proceed.      
       You have successfully submitted your evidence for a disputed transaction and
       the status of the dispute changes to Under Review.   

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