As a business owner, you may want to optimize booking time or service duration and set up precise service durations to ensure the provider’s time is used effectively.
When guests book a set of services with such durations with a single provider, Zenoti adds the service time of all non-segmented services, rounds-up the service duration, and shows the nearest available appointment slot. 

In this way, Zenoti optimizes total duration, freeing up slots to accommodate more appointments. This means you need to specify the duration in minutes such as 2, 3, 16, or 19 minutes at the organization level. 

The front-desk staff can use Zenoti Mobile to extend or reduce the duration of appointments as per the minutes set up to accommodate either a guest’s schedule or a provider’s time. 

Before you Begin

You need to enable the option to see and edit Duration. To know more, see Points to Consider under Duration of a Service

  • The ability to change duration appears only after you select a particular provider from the Provider list. 

  • You can change the duration for single, group, and couple bookings.

  • If you change the duration, Zenoti Mobile Appointment Book refreshes and shows available time slots based on the new duration selected. This is the same when you add an add-on with duration. Duration adjusts automatically and shows the total duration (duration of service plus the duration of the add-on).Note: You cannot change the duration of services with segments

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