A day package is a combination of services that guests can purchase at a discounted price. Guests must use all the services of the day package on the same day.

Example: In your business, a manicure is $25, and a pedicure is $25. If taken together, it has a total cost of $50. In a day package, you can see both these services for a discounted total price of $42.

Prerequisite: You must set up day packages and configure these packages at the organization level to be available in your Appointment Book.

To book a day package

1. From the Zenoti Mobile menu, access Appointments.

The appointment screen appears.

2. On the Appointments page, tap the + symbol to Select a Guest by entering the guest’s details for an existing guest.

Note: If it's a new guest, you can create a new guest profile using Zenoti Mobile.

3. Tap + Day Package.

The Select Day Package window appears and shows a list of packages and their respective prices.

4. Review and select the package the guest wants to purchase.

The services which are a part of the package and the available time slots to book the appointment appear.

5. (Optional) Tap Any for Therapist/Stylist to select a specific provider or provider type (such as Any Male, Any Female, Not Specified, or Other Provider).

6. (Optional) Tap Any for Room to select a specific room.

7. (Optional) Tap + Notes to add notes for the guests.

8. (Optional) Tap + Service to add another standalone service for the guests.

9. (Optional) Tap + Day Package to add another day package to the guests’ appointment.

10. (Optional) Tap + Virtual Appointment to add a virtual appointment for the guests.

11. Select a time slot.

The Review Appointment screen appears.

12. Review all the services in the day package and tap Confirm Appointment.

The day package is booked successfully!

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