Your business may prefer to set a tip rate that the front-desk staff can easily split among providers. This allows your business to split tips faster reducing the time spent by the front-desk staff.

For your business, when you set tips as a percentage or a flat amount the Split tips icon appears in the Take Payment screen. The front-desk staff can tap this icon and split tips for multiple providers during guest checkout.

For example, during checkout, the guest wants to tip Jane $20 and Mary $10. The front-desk staff can enter the tip amount, tap Split Tips, and select the providers and the tip amount.

Before you Begin

You need to enable the setting for your center that allows you to split tips when collecting payment from the guest.

You must first configure suggested tips so that the front-desk staff can use this amount to split tips when using Zenoti Mobile during guest check out.

To configure suggested tips

1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization> Centers.
2. Click the name of the center for which you want to set up the tips.
3. Select the Settings tab, and then expand the Invoice & Receipt.

4. In the Suggested Tip field, enter a value.

5. Click Save.

While collecting payments on the POS screen in Zenoti Mobile, the Tips field is automatically filled with the value specified in the Suggested Tip field.

To collect payment and split tips

1. In the Appointment Details screen, select the appointment for which you want to
collect payment.
2. Tap Proceed for Group Payment. The Take Payment screen opens.

3. Tap the split tips icon next to Tips.

The Split Tips window appears and shows total unassigned tips along with the
service providers who attended on the guest.

4. To assign tips for a provider, enter the tip value.
Note: The amount you enter cannot exceed the tip value set at the center level.

5. (Optional) To add more employees, tap Add Employee.

6. From the list of employees, select an employee.

7. To add a tip for the employee selected repeat step 4.

8. Tap Done.
Note: Done appears only if the entire tip amount is assigned to the provider(s).

9. Collect payment and close the invoice.
The tips are split to the selected providers.

Points to consider

  • Split tips icon does not appear for group bookings.

  • Front-desk staff can also close the invoice without splitting the tips as the tips are apportioned based on the service price.

  • If there are any unassigned tips in the invoice, an error message appears showing the remaining amount yet to assign.

  • If the tip amount exceeds the tip setup for your business, an error message appears.

  • If a guest wants to tip employees who sold items then the front-desk staff can use Add Employee to

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