Important: You can purchase gift cards only if you have a payment processor configured for your center.

Predefined Gift Cards allow your business to offer a set of gift cards that already have a service or a value assigned to them. This makes it easy for your guests as they can just check the value or the service predefined in the gift card and make a purchase accordingly.

This also makes it easy for the gift card recipient as they do not have to decide on the service while redeeming the gift card.

Before You Begin

Note: Your Webstore automatically displays predefined gift cards after you configure them at your organization level.

For guests to purchase predefined gift cards

1. Navigate to the Webstore URL and log in to your account.
The Webstore homepage appears.
2. From the menu, click Gift Cards.
The Gift Card page appears and displays the following types of gift cards:
- Amount
- Services
- Packages

3. Select Services.
The predefined gift card options appear.

Your guests are shown the gift card options in the following order:

  • Predefined Gift Cards - These are the gift cards you define at the organization level.

  • Custom Gift Cards - These are the gift cards that your guests can customize by adding various services.

4. Select the predefined gift card.
5. The Webstore prompts you to enter the following details:
- Recipient Email: Enter the email address of the receiver of this gift card.
- Recipient Email: Enter the email address of the receiver of this gift card.
6. Click Proceed and enter the following:
- Occasion: Select an occasion for the gift card.
- Style: Select a corresponding template for the occasion.
- (Optional) Message: Enter the message that will appear on the gift card.
- Delivery Date: Select any one of the following:
a. Send Now: Select this option to send the gift card immediately
after checkout.
b. Send Later: Select this option and specify a date and time for the
gift card to be delivered.

The gift card purchase summary appears.
7. Click Preview and Buy.
The payment page appears.
8. If you already have a saved card, click Buy Now to make the payment.
Else, add new card details and then click Buy Now.
The payment is made and the invoice appears. You have successfully purchased a gift card.

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