Disclaimer: The steps in this article are pertaining to the configuration on a third party (Google) site. Zenoti is not responsible if there are any changes to these steps or processes. The information is provided for your convenience.

You can allow your guests to log in to your Webstore with their Google credentials. This allows for a quick and seamless login experience.

But before you enable this feature on your Webstore, you must generate a Google OAuth Client ID and Client Secret ID. In this article, you will see the steps to generate both these IDs.

To generate the IDs

1. Navigate to https://console.developers.google.com/apis.
You will be prompted to log in with your Google account.

2. Sign in with your Google credentials.
The Google API Console page opens.

3. From the side menu, select the Credentials option.
The page will prompt you to Create a New Project.
4. Click New Project.
The New Project page appears.

5. Enter the following information:
- Project Name: Enter the name of your project. For example, Social Login.
- Organization: This field is auto-populated.
- Location: This field is auto-populated.
6. Click Create.
The new project is created and the project home page appears.
7. From the side menu, click OAuth Consent Screen.
The consent screen appears.
Note: If you already have the OAuth Consent Screen setup, you can skip
this step and proceed to Step 11.
8. Select User Type as External.

9. Click Create.
You will be prompted to enter the Application Name.
10. Enter the Application Name and click Save.
11. From the side menu, click Credentials again.

12. Click Create Credentials.
13. Select OAuth Client ID from the drop-down list.
The OAuth Client ID page opens.

14. Select the Application Type as Web Application.
15. Enter the Authorized Javascript Origins URL. To simplify, enter your Zenoti URL. For example, if your business name is Spa Bliss, your Zenoti URL will
be spabliss.zenoti.com. Enter the same in the Authoized Javascript Origins
and Authorized Redirect URIs field.
Note: The URLs you enter should be authorized by Google. To authorize
the URLs, go to the OAuth Consent Screen, click Edit App, scroll down
and enter the URL in the Authorized Domains field.
16. Click Create.

Your client IDs are generated and are displayed in a pop-up window.
17. In the Enable Social Login settings of the CX V3 template,
copy and paste the Client ID and the Client Secret.

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