Disclaimer: The steps in this article are pertaining to the configuration on a third party (Facebook) site. Zenoti is not responsible if there are any changes to these steps or processes. The information is provided for your convenience.

Facebook Login is a fast and convenient way for people to create accounts and log in to your Webstore across multiple platforms and OS. Configure the Facebook login to allow your guests to log in to the Webstore using their Facebook credentials.  

Enabling Facebook Login is a two-step process and involves the following:

  1. Creating a Facebook Developer Account

  2. Adding an app to the account and making it live

Step 1: Create a Facebook Developer Account

   1.  Navigate to the URL https://developers.facebook.com
       Facebook will prompt you to log in.
   2. Log in using your Facebook credentials.
       The account is created and the Facebook for Developers home page opens.

Step 2: Add an App to your Developer Account

  1. On the Facebook for Developers homepage, hover on the My Apps option.     The Create App option appears.

  2. Click Create App.                                                                                                                   The Create a New App ID pop-up appears.

Enter the following information: 

          a. Display Name: Enter the name of the app. For example, Social Login.              
          Note: The Display Name field should not contain the word “Facebook”
          (so as to adhere to Facebook policy). 

          b. Contact Email: Your Email ID will be auto-populated in this field.
   3. Click Create App ID.
       You will be requested to complete a reCAPTCHA form.The Add a Product
       page appears.

   4. Select Facebook Login and click Set Up.
   5. Select the platform as Web.

        The site will prompt you to enter the URL of your website.
    6. Enter the URL of your Webstore.  
        The URL of your Webstore will be in the format www.<orgname>.zenoti.com.
        For example, if your organization name is Spa Bliss, the URL will be
     7. Click Save and Continue.
     8. Navigate to Settings > Basic.   

         The Basic settings page opens. 

      9. Make a note of the App ID and the App Secret ID. You must paste the App
          ID and the App Secret ID in the Enable Social Login settings of the
          CX V3 template.

     10. Fill up the following information (Mandatory):
          a. App Domains: Enter the URL of your Webstore.
          b. Privacy Policy URL: Enter the URL of your privacy policy page.
          c. Terms of Service URL: Enter the URL of your terms of service page.
      11. Scroll down to the end of the page and enter the URL of your Webstore in
          the Site URL field and click Save Changes

    12. Navigate to Products > Facebook Login > Settings

      13. Enter your redirect URI in the field Valid OAuth Redirect URIs. This is your Zenoti URL.
Example: https://abc.zenoti.com, where 'abc' is the name of your business.
      14. Click Save Changes.

     15. From the top menu, click the slider to make the app live. 

          When you are in live mode, your app can do the following:
          - Access user data from anyone who visits your Webstore
             and grant the requisite permissions.
          -  Your app is granted login permissions. 

          You have successfully created a Facebook app for your Webstore login.
          Open the Webstore and click Sign In to view the Facebook sign in button. 

Tip: If you are testing the Facebook login on the Webstore, ensure you log out of your developer account and close the tab.

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