Online businesses want their customers to create new user accounts, as this allows them to know more about the customers and builds rapport. It is more so relevant for a salon or a medspa with an online booking facility as this helps them know their guests better, thus paving the way for better service.

However, it is difficult for guests to remember all their credentials. Zenoti understands this and allows you to let your guests use their Facebook or Google credentials to log in to the Webstore. Such social logins allow for a rapid guest sign up and increased user adoption.

Important: Zenoti checks for the uniqueness of the email id and not the mobile number. A unique and valid email address is mandatory for using social logins.


Before you proceed, you must configure the following:

  1. Facebook Authentication - Create a Facebook Login account.
  2. Google Authentication - Generate Google Client IDs.

To enable social logins

  1. At the organization level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking. The Online Booking templates appear.
  2. Select the Online Booking Setup template.

The Online Booking Setup template opens.
3. Select the Enable Social Login checkbox.

Enter the following information:

  • Facebook App Id: Enter the Facebook app id.
  • Facebook App Secret: Enter the Facebook app secret id.
  • Google App Id: Enter the app id or Google Client Id in this field.
  • Google App Secret: Enter the Google Client secret code in this field.

4. Scroll down and click Save.
You have successfully added the social logins to your Webstore.

Now, when your guests navigate to your Webstore and click Sign In, they will see two new options with which they can sign in:

Note: Guests can both sign-up and login using their social credentials.

Continue with Facebook

If your guests decide to use Facebook for signing in or signing up, they will be required to take the following steps:

  1. The Facebook login screen appears and the guests should enter their credentials. Facebook displays the guest’s profile and prompts them to proceed.
  2. Guests click Continue as <Guest Name> and are redirected to Zenoti Webstore. They will see the following screen:

3. The guests are required to enter their Date of Birth and optionally provide
a Phone Number.
4. Guests click Sign Up. The sign-up process is completed and the
Webstore homepage appears.

Continue with Google

If your guests decide to use Google for signing in or signing up, they will be required to take the following steps:

  1. A pop-up from Google appears and prompts the guests to sign in with their Google credentials.
  2. The guests enter their Google credentials. The guests are redirected to Zenoti Webstore.
  3. Guests enter the following details: Date of Birth - Mandatory Phone Number - Optional

The sign-up process is completed and the Webstore homepage appears.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can an existing guest also use social logins?
  • Yes, existing guests can use their Facebook and Google credentials to log in to your Webstore. However, a new guest account is created if the email address used by the social networking site is different from the one used to login to Zenoti.
  • I make use of the OTPs to validate new guest sign-ups. Do I still need to validate through the OTPs after I enable social logins?
  • No, social logins validate the guest’s email ids automatically and you will no longer be required to validate using an OTP.
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