Disclaimer: This article is for the latest version of Zenoti Reports.

What is a view?

In the latest version of Zenoti Reports, you can save the following as a view:

  • Customized columns: When you show or hide columns, pin or unpin columns, move columns, and auto-size columns.

  • Summarized report: When you select the Group By option for columns or drag and drop the columns to create a report summary.

  • Filter selections: When you select specific filters and generate the report. For example, if you have generated the report for the South Greenville center, you can save the report as a view and refer to it later.

How can I do it?

  1. Do any of the above actions (customizing columns, creating report summaries, or select specific filters).

  2. Click Save View.                                                                                                               The View Name dialog box appears.

3. Enter a name for the view and click Save.                                                                            The view is saved appears at the top of the report as a tab.

Let's say that you want to save the Sales-Cash report for the South Greenville's center, you will select the center name, generate the report and click Save View.

Delete View

To delete a view, navigate to the respective view and click Delete View.

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