A macro is a placeholder text that gets replaced with specific data when inserted into a form, an automated email, or text message when you create a membership form for your business. It helps a business to customize its communication with the guests and gather necessary information.For example, when you use the [CenterName] macro, the text in the square brackets gets replaced with the actual center’s name. So, the center name where the guest took a membership appears in the membership form.

When creating a membership form, (Admin > Custom Fields from left panel > Custom Forms > Add > Create a new membership form > Edit Custom Form page > General tab) you can make use of the available macros you want to include in the membership form.

Use the following macros to customize the forms for your membership:

  • [GuestCode]: Unique identification code assigned to your guests when you enter their details in Zenoti.Note: Zenoti generates a guest code only if you select Enable auto-generate guest code in center settings at the organization level (ADMIN > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Guests). However, if you do not enable the setting, you must manually enter a code when entering the guest’s details in Zenoti.

  • [GuestFirstName]: First name of the guest.

  • [GuestLastName]: Last name of the guest.

  • [GuestAddress]: Complete billing address of the guest registered in the guest's profile.

  • [GuestCity]: City where the guest resides.

  • [GuestPostalCode]: Postal code of the guest’s address.

  • [GuestEmailAddress]: Email address of the guest.

  • [GuestMobilePhone]: Mobile phone number registered for the guest.

  • [GuestHomePhone]: Home phone number registered for the guest.

  • [GuestWorkPhone]: Work phone number registered for the guest.

  • [GuestState]: State where the guest resides.

  • [CenterName]: Name of the center where the membership is sold.

  • [CenterCity]: City where the center is located.

  • [CenterState]: State where the center is located.

  • [CenterCountry]: Country where the center is located.

  • [CenterZip]: Zip code/postal code of the center’s location.

  • [CenterPhone]: Center’s phone number (corresponds to the Phone field in the center’s settings).

  • [CenterPhone2]: Secondary phone number provided for the guest's base center (corresponds to the Phone 2 field in the center settings.

  • [CenterAddlData1]: The custom text entered in the Additional Text field in the Invoice & Receipt section of the center Settings page.

  • [CenterAddress]: Complete address of the center (corresponds to the Address 1 and Address 2 field in the center settings).

  • [CenterEmail]: Email address of the center.

  • [MembershipName]: Name of the membership sold at the center.

  • [MembershipNumber]: Number assigned to the membership sold at the center.

  • [MembershipInvoiceNo]: Then invoice number in which the membership was sold.

  • [MembershipType]: The type (recurring or non-recurring) of membership being sold to the guest.

  • [MembershipDuration]: Duration of the membership.

  • [MembershipValidFrom]: Date when the membership becomes active.

  • [MembershipSoldBy]: Name of the person who sold the membership.

  • [MembershipPrice]: Price at which the membership is sold.

  • [SetupFee]: Setup fee associated with the membership.

  • [RecurringFee]: Recurring fee charged towards membership.

  • [Mem#OfCollections]: Total number of collections made towards the membership.

  • [MemPaymentMethod]: Type of payment method used towards membership fees.

  • [MemFirstCollectionDate]: Date when the first membership fee is collected.

  • [MemNextCollectionDate]: Date when the next fee is collected towards the membership fee.

  • [MemExpiryDate]: Membership expiry date.

  • [TodaysDate]: Current date when the membership form is accessed.

  • [MembershipLockin]: Lockin period defined for membership.

  • [MemBalance]: Total credit balance available in membership.

  • [MemRenewalPrice]: Membership renewal price for a recurring membership.

  • [CustomMacro1 to CustomMacro10]: Optional fields that appear as CustomMacro1 to CustomMacro10, can be used to add messages in the membership form to communicate information to guests.

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