: This article is for the latest version of Zenoti Reports.

Zenoti provides a range of reports across various modules. With so many reports available, it is possible that your organization uses only those reports that are applicable to the business.

Zenoti allows you to enable the reports that are relevant for your organization and hide the remaining reports. You can always modify the list of visible reports for your organization from the Admin module.

To enable or disable reports at organization level

Note: The permission to enable or disable a report is available only to employees with the Owner role.

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Reports tab.
    The Reports V1 and Reports V2 sections appear.

5. To view all the available modules, expand the Reports V2 section.

6. To view the reports available in it, expand a relevant module.

7. Select the checkbox for a report to enable it or clear the checkbox to disable it.
   Note: Disabled reports are not displayed anywhere in the system until you enable        them again.
8. (Optional) To show or hide columns in that report,
    i. Click Customize for the desired report.

ii. Select or clear the columns you want to show or hide in the report. 

iii. Click Save.
      The columns are customized.
9. Click Save at the end of the page.
    The selected reports are enabled or disabled on the Reports Dashboard.

Note: Disabled reports and columns are not displayed until you enable them again.

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