Follow these steps to redeem a gift card

  1. In Zenoti, launch the POS window from the Appointment Book.

  2. In the Guest Details section on top of the POS window, specify the guest details based on whether the guest is new or an existing one.

  3. In the lower left pane, select the item the guest wants to pay for and add it to the invoice.
    Note: If the service and package includes a tax component, then the item invoice shows the sum total (net price + tax) of the service or package selected.

  4. In the Collect Payment section, select PRE-PAID/GIFT as the payment option.
    The sum total and any applicable tips (or gratuity) are automatically populated in the Amount and Tips fields respectively. 

  5.  In the Card # field, enter the gift card number manually.
    Alternatively, click the gift card balance link next to the gift icon to select a gift card from the list of gift cards that the guest owns.

  6. Click the Use This link beside a gift card number and the card information           automatically populates in the Card # field.
    Note: Read this article if the gift card numbers are masked.

  7. Click Add Payment and close the invoice.

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