Zenoti GO allows for a convenient and contactless check-in and checkout experience for your guests. Guests can self check-in and self checkout for their appointments, thereby eliminating any intervention by the front desk. This frees up valuable front desk time and delivers a new age experience to your guests.

Guests can enable Zenoti GO via the Consumer Mobile App (CMA) and avail the following convenient and contactless experiences:

Check-in Experience

Self Check-in

The self check-in feature intelligently prompts the guests to check-in to their appointments when they arrive at the salon or the center. As soon as guests check-in, the providers are notified about their arrival. This helps the business in quicker service delivery and better guest management.

Self Check-in benefits for the business:

  • No manual intervention of the front desk

  • Faster service turnaround as no time is wasted at the front desk for checking in

Self Check-in benefits for the guests:

  • Convenient check-in from the mobile device

  • Contactless and touch less check-in experience

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Checkout Experiences


Auto-pay allows you to provide a contactless payment experience to your guests. After the services are completed, the front-desk staff or the therapist collects the payment by selecting the Complete Auto-payment option from the Appointment Book or the POS. The amount is charged to the saved card of the guest.

Auto-pay benefits for the business:

  • Auto-pay, being a contactless checkout system, frees up time for the front desk. This allows them to focus more on building rapport with the guests and allows for a better guest service. 

  • Automation of tips collection. The guests specify the tips on their mobile device. Service charges along with tips are automatically charged to saved card of the guest. 

Auto-pay benefits for the guests:

  • Convenient touchless payment experience.

  • Truly contactless and time-saving. The guests are not required to wait in queues for making payment. The payment for services and tips is made from the guest's mobile device and charged to the saved card. 

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Self-pay allows your guests to make payments for the services online, without any assistance from the front desk or without the requirement of any physical terminal. Guests can add tips and make payment immediately after the services begin. The payment is collected from the saved card of the guest.

Self-pay benefits for the business:

  • No manual intervention by the front desk.

Self-pay benefits for the guests:

  • Self-service payment module.

  • Truly contactless and time-saving. Guests can pay for the appointment (services + tips) anytime after the beginning of the service. 

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